Navigate Your Divorce with Confidence, Financial Clarity, and Peace of Mind.

About This Course

The Divorce Planner's Ultimate Divorce Planning Course is an affordable program that combines coaching videos created by divorce prep coach Alex Beattie, as well as all of the digital divorce prep and financial planning products we offer, including:

➔ What To Gather Worksheet

➔ List Your Assets Log + Spreadsheet

➔ Monthly Budget Calculator

➔ Figure Out Your Priorities Worksheet

➔ Gratitude Journal

Here's How It Works

  • The course covers all the steps you need to take to prepare before moving forward with a separation or divorce so you're in a position to save time and money during divorce, make smart choices, and create the life you want after.

  • Each section has a video that provides you with instruction on how to prepare use the digital tools so you have everything needed in hand when talking to divorce attorneys, mediators, financial planners, CPA's or filing for divorce online.

  • The course enables you to take your next steps with financial clarity and confidence. It's like having your own divorce prep coach to walk you through what to do.

  • Best of all, you get to go at your own pace and revisit sections whenever you want! Once you sign up, you'll get immediate lifetime access to the digital course and tools.

  • This program and the digital tools have helped thousands of people throughout the U.S. and Canada, so we know it will work for you.

Enroll in the Ultimate Separation & Divorce Planning Course and take your next steps with clear goals, financial clarity, and feeling empowered about what's next.

A Sneak Peek At The Course Curriculum:

    1. Welcome & Introduction

    2. TDP Pre & Post Divorce Checklist

    3. TDP Digital Tools Instruction One-Sheet

    1. Why Setting Goals And Understanding Your Priorites Matter During Divorce

    2. Identifying Your Divorce Goals & Priorities

    3. TDP Figuring Out Your Priorities Worksheet

    4. BONUS LISTEN: Why Focusing On Your Future Is Important During Divorce

    1. How To Organize Your Essential Documents & Statements

    2. TDP What To Gather Worksheet

    1. Understanding Your Finanacial Reallities & Anticipating Changes

    2. Understanding Your Financial Realities And Anticipating Changes

    3. TDP Monthly Budget Calculator (Excel)

    4. BONUS: Ongoing Shared Kid Expenses Log

    1. Cataloging Your Assets And Figuring Out Their Value

    2. TDP List Your Assets Worksheet

    3. List Your Assets Log & Spreadsheet (For Excel)

    1. BONUS: Calendar & To-do Lists

Ultimate Separation & Divorce Planning Course

  • $225.00

The Course Includes:

  • How to set goals for your divorce and stay focused on what is important to YOU

  • Get 100% clarity on your financial situation

  • Every essential document and statement your attorney or mediator needs to see

  • How to use Money Budget Calculator and plan for your future

  • Track assets and their value

  • How to deal with shared dependent expenses after your split

Meet Your Instructor, Divorce Prep Coach Alex Beattie

During my own divorce journey, two things became abundantly clear: separating the emotional side of divorce from the business side was critical, and being organized is your ultimate secret weapon. Not only did doing both save me precious time and unnecessary expenses, it allowed me to stay focused on my divorce goals and become my own best advocate. This realization fueled my passion for helping others going through the same experience.

​To fill the gap I saw in the marketplace, I took the initiative to develop a set of user-friendly digital tools, collaborating with financial advisors, esteemed divorce attorneys, and mediators. These experts have endorsed the effectiveness of these resources, ensuring you have the support and information you need throughout your divorce journey.

Alex Beattie

Founder of The Divorce Planner

Join the thousands who've used this program to save time & money, make smart choices, and create the life they want after divorce. Invest in yourself today and walk into your future with financial clarity and confidence.


  • When I purchase the course, how will the charge read on my statement?

    The charge will be from TDP LLC. Nowhere will it say divorce or divorce planner.

  • How do I use the digital products?

    All of the products can be used on a computer, tablet, or smart phone using a program like Good Notes or Books. The spreadsheets are compatible with Excel and Numbers. You can also print out any of the digital tools and fill them out by hand. Instructions are included.

  • How do I access the course?

    You'll get access to the course and instructions on how to log in immediately upon purchase.